Faroese Bakkafrost has been red-listed in Russia

The Faroe Islands' largest fish farming business - Bakkafrost - has been informed by Russian authorities that unwanted bacteria have been found in their products and that this is why the food authorities in Russia have red-listed their products.

As a result, salmon produced at the factory in Glyvrar, the Faroe Islands, can no longer be sold on the Russian market.

Bakkafrost has been exporting salmon to the Russian market for the past ten years - at an average value of DKK 500 million annually.

However, some years the export value to Russia has exceeded DKK 700 million, but in 2019 the value was around DKK 250 million.

Source: kvf.fo

Farmed salmon remains the Faroe Islands' largest export commodity

Farmed salmon remains the Faroe Islands' largest export commodity. Salmon export growth is as much as DKK 700 million compared to 2018, according to new figures from Hagstovan, the Faroe Islands Statistical Office.

Total Faroese exports totaled more than DKK 10 billion in 2019. That is DKK 1.5 billion more than in 2018, according to Hagstovan.

Cod exports increased by DKK 270 million compared to 2018, while exports of mackerel increased by DKK 300 million.

However, it is farmed salmon that continues to bring the largest revenue to the Faroese economy.

Salmon exports grew by as much as DKK 700 million in 2019.

Source: Kvf.fo